3 Changes To Make To Your Cooling & Heating System This Fall In The South

18 November 2016
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As the weather starts to slowly get cooler in the southern states, it is time to make sure that your heating and cooling system is ready for the dryer and cooler fall and winter seasons. Here are three changes that you should make to your cooling and heating systems as fall rolls into the southern states.

#1 Change The Temperatures On Your Thermostats

One of the easiest ways to deal with heating and cooling your home is to figure out what temperature you prefer during the summer and during the winter and setting your thermostat on that appropriate temperature for the season. When you have a consistent temperature that you enjoy having your home at, you don't have to fuss with the thermostat every day, turning it up and down. Instead, adjust your home to the warmer temperatures that you enjoy keeping your home at during the fall and winter time.

#2 Change Out You Filters

The change of seasons is a great time to also change out your air filter. Now is a good time to take out your air filter and put in a new one. This will help ensure that the air that blows through your home this winter is as clean as possible, which is really important as you are more likely to spend time inside during the winter months, thus making the air quality of your home more important. Additionally, a clean air filter helps decrease the effort that your heating and cooling system has to put out in order to keep your home at the right temperature. When your filter is clogged, it requires more effort from your heating and cooling system to push air through the filter and into your home.

#3 Clean Your Outside Unit

Finally, this fall is a great time to clean the outside component of your cooling and heating system. If there are plants or shrubs growing near your system, you are going to want to use clippers to cut back the plants and shrubs so that they are not growing over and right against your system. You need air to flow freely around it so that it can function properly.

Use a broom to brush away any dirt that has gotten on top and side of your unit. Make sure that all debris is clear of your unit. This will help ensure that your unit is clean and able to function properly.

Take the three steps above this fall to get your southern home cooling and heating system ready for the winter. And for more information and assistance with maintenance, contact professional heating services in your area, like Economy Air Systems Inc.