Why Air Conditioner Maintenance Should Be Part Of Your Fall Chores List

8 September 2016
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Most people don't think about adding air conditioner repairs and maintenance to their fall household chores lists. After all, they won't be using the air conditioner until the following summer, so regular AC maintenance is easy to put off until spring. However, there are several benefits to completing your routine air conditioner maintenance in the fall.


If there is a problem with your air conditioner unit, especially a big problem that requires the technician to special order air conditioner parts, it's more convenient to discover it when you don't actually need your air conditioner. Otherwise, you risk spending several sweltering hot days in your home while you're waiting for the repairs to be made. If you have your air conditioner inspected in the fall, you have plenty of time to have any necessary repairs made before the next summer. Also, if hot weather arrives in your area before you expected it to, you'll be glad that you're already prepared for it.


Waiting until the spring and summer, when many air conditioner companies get the most business, could affect the total cost of repairs. When you have your air conditioner inspected and any repairs made when business is slow for air conditioner repairmen, you might be able to get a better deal. After all, when a product or service is in high demand, prices tend to be higher.


Most people have their furnace inspected and cleaned before the winter cooling season begins. So, why not kill two birds with one stone. Because you already have an HVAC technician coming to your home to inspect your furnace, you might as well have your air conditioner inspected too. Additionally, if you have both inspections completed at the same time, you might be able to talk the HVAC technician into giving you a discount. For example, if you pay full price for the furnace inspection and cleaning, see if the technician can give you a discount on the air conditioner inspection and/or any repairs needed.

Adding air conditioner maintenance and repairs to your fall chores list gives you plenty of time to have repairs made, order any air conditioner parts needed, and it's convenient. Just remember, in order to complete an air conditioner inspection, the HVAC tech needs to be able to access your unit easily. So, while you're raking leaves and getting your yard ready for fall, make sure you clean around the outside of the air conditioner as well. If you find that your unit does need to be repaired, talk to a business like All Appliance Parts of Sarasota for information on what parts you should order.