4 Problems That An Inefficient Air Conditioner Might Have

24 August 2016
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Does your central air conditioner not cool down your house as fast as it used to? Unless you are just dealing with a worn out system that needs to be replaced, there are multiple things that can be causing the problem. The extent of maintenance the system has had over the years plays a major role in the efficiency of it. Look over the information in this article to learn what might be causing your air conditioner to be inefficient.

1. Refrigerant Leaks Out of the System

If there is a refrigerant leak, it means that your air conditioner does receive what it requires for producing cold air. Adding more refrigerant is not sufficient enough when dealing with a leak, as refrigerant will constantly have to be placed in the system. The root cause of the leak must be repaired, and a contractor will need to recharge the system with refrigerant.

2. The Compressor & Fan Malfunctions

There are a few things that can lead to the compressor and fan wearing out. For instance, neglecting to get the system filter cleaned on occasion can cause the compressor and fan to wear out in an untimely manner. When an air conditioning system has electrical problems, such as when it erratically turns on and off, it can also cause damage. You might need to get corroded wires replaced if there are electrical problems.

3. Air Does Not Fully Touch the Evaporator Coil

The refrigerant in a central air conditioning system does not remain in liquid form, as it turns into a gas that is vital for making the evaporator coil cold. The coil becomes cold enough to cool off warm air when the system is running. However, warm air will not cool down much if it is unable to make full contact with the evaporator coil. If the evaporator coil is the reason for your air conditioner being inefficient, it might be due to the presence of rust or dirt. The coil will need to be cleaned or replaced.

4. The Air Ducts Are Not in Top Shape

Air conditioning inefficiency is often the result of air leaking out of cracks in the air ducts. However, leaks can also happen when the fittings on the ducts have become loose. You will need to get the ducts replaced if they are damaged, but loose fittings can simply be tightened up. Make an appointment for your air conditioning system to be inspected by a contractor.