Two Tips To Help You Replace Kitchen Appliance Parts Affordably

22 August 2016
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Whether it's for your refrigerator, stove, or dishwasher, at some point, you'll likely have to replace one or more of the parts on these devices. If you've already been advised by a technician, you may be concerned about the price of the replacement parts. While you can't afford for your refrigerator to be out of commission for days on end, the price of the parts may seem to be out of your budget. Here are two tips that can help you get affordable replacement parts for your kitchen appliances.

Purchase Re-manufactured Parts

Understand that once your contractor writes up the estimate for the repairs, you can make the decision to obtain the necessary parts on your own. Doing this can save you quite a bit of money since you can cut down on things such as processing or administrative fees.

The technician who will fix your appliances will most likely seek to use brand-new parts. However, you can save money by purchasing re-manufactured parts. Re-manufactured parts are indeed used, but they are restored to "like-new" condition by the manufacturer. This gives them an advantage over traditional used parts, while still allowing you to save.

You can purchase re-manufactured parts at a number of different vendors. If your favorite big box store happens to have an outlet division, this is the perfect place to purchase re-manufactured parts. Some manufacturers stand behind their retooled products so much that they even offer a warranty, which can give you greater peace of mind.

Consider Salvaged Kitchen Appliance Parts

If funds are extremely tight, salvaged parts may be the godsend that you've been looking for. You may be able to save a considerable sum of money by purchasing salvaged parts from a local parts vendor.

Salvage lots for kitchen appliances operate in a similar manner to salvage lots for cars. There will typically be row upon row of refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers, and you're charged with the task of walking through until you find one that shares a similar make and model to your own. If you're a handy individual, you may be able to get a rock-bottom price by agreeing to extract the parts you need without help from a salvage lot worker.

Getting affordable kitchen appliance parts doesn't have to be difficult if you know what to do. The next time you need parts, keep these tips in mind so you can avoid breaking the bank.

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