3 Common Refrigerator Problems That Can Be Repaired

8 June 2016
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Considering the importance a refrigerator plays in the kitchen, it can be alarming when it is not working properly. A refrigerator that is not running properly can spoil food prematurely, as well as increase the possibility of food borne illness. Luckily, a malfunctioning refrigerator does not necessarily have to be replaced. Continue reading to learn about common refrigerator problems that can be repaired:

Refrigerator is Not Cold

One of the most commonly reported problems is that a refrigerator is no longer staying as cold as it should. If your fridge is not staying cold despite being set to the proper temperature, the first step you should take is to clean the condenser coils on the back of the refrigerator. This can be done by sliding out the refrigerator, unplugging it, and then using a vacuum hose or a dusting brush to remove dust and debris that has collected on the coils. In many cases, once the coils are clean the refrigerator will begin to work properly again and maintain a cool temperature.

Temperature problems inside the refrigerator can also be caused by faulty parts that need to be repaired or replaced. There may be a problem with the fan, preventing it from circulating the cold air properly. If you hear clicking sounds when your refrigerator begins to run, it is often a sign of a bad compressor or start capacitor. These issues can usually be resolved by calling a home appliance repair company and making an appointment to have a technician come to your home to service your refrigerator.

Leaking Water

Water leaks from the refrigerator can usually be attributed to problems with the lines to the ice maker or water dispenser. As a refrigerator gets older, these lines can break or become damaged. Replacing or repairing the lines is a simple job for an experienced home appliance repair technician.

Food is Frozen

In some cases, food on the top shelf of the refrigerator can become frozen even when the fridge is set to the proper temperature. In many refrigerator models, the fridge is cooled by air coming down from the freezer. Make sure that your freezer temperature has not been set too low. If this does not resolve the problem, there may be a problem with the circulating fan inside the freezer running too long or forcing to much cold air into the refrigerator unit, and the part may need to be replaced. Contact a business, such as RED'S APPLIANCE REPAIR, for more information.